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  2021年4月27日, 星期二
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來自劍10 test 3 passage 1

Emily Jin
想寫在改錯表 ,但我不知道自己錯什麼

D However, the major problems of the travel and tourism industry that have hidden, or obscured, its economic impact are the diversity and fragmentation of the industry itself. The travel industry includes: hotels, motels and other types of accommodation; restaurants and other food services; transportation services and facilities; amusements, attractions and other leisure facilities; gift shops and a large number of other enterprises. Since many of these businesses also serve local residents, the impact of spending by visitors can easily be overlooked or underestimated. In addition, Meis (1992) points out that the tourism industry involves concepts that have remained amorphous to both analysts and decision makers. Moreover, in all nations this problem has made it difficult for the industry to develop any type of reliable or credible tourism information base in order to estimate the contribution it makes to regional, national and global economies. However, the nature of this very diversity makes travel and tourism ideal vehicles for economic development in a wide variety of countries, regions or communities.

E Once the exclusive province of the wealthy, travel and tourism have become an institutionalised way of life for most of the population. In fact, McIntosh and Goeldner (1990) suggest that tourism has become the largest commodity in international trade for many nations and, for a significant number of other countries, it ranks second or third. For example, tourism is the major source of income in Bermuda, Greece, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and most Caribbean countries. In addition, Hawkins and Ritchie, quoting from data published by the American Express Company, suggest that the travel and tourism industry is the number one ranked employer in the Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, France, (the former) West Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States. However, because of problems of definition, which directly affect statistical measurement, it is not possible with any degree of certainty to provide precise, valid or reliable data about the extent of world-wide tourism participation or its economic impact. In many cases, similar difficulties arise when attempts are made to measure domestic tourism

v. Difficulty in recognising the economic effects of tourism

vii. The world impact of tourism

我選d段是vii ,因為它有強轉折 however ,對應詞就是 a wide variety of countries =world, impact =econ development

而e 是v ,因為它都說了強轉折however ,它都說了因為provide 不了precise data 所以不能提供certainty for economic impact ,但答案是d 是v(The world impact of tourism) ,e是vii ( Difficulty in recognising the economic effects of tourism

Lynn Yang
明明轉折後的內容在kw 找到對應,還是我理解成 之前也有些題目是轉折前的內容才是list of heading 的

真的很想知道答案 謝謝lynn
Lynn Yang 這不是視頻課,是我覺得自己看完list of heading ,但不是每次做都全對,就想試試看其他題目

但我還是不太明白 ,因為和emily一對一體驗課的時候,emily 說每段的中心句位置:1. 开头,2. however, but, although后面,3. 句尾

所以其實尾句不重要,就算出現however也不算轉折?但however 在段落中間就很重要?我亂了。。

而且比如劍6test 2passage 1 Advantages of public transport b段,, 視頻是List of Headings Practice 2 - 3 lynn
你說尾句的however 是要讀的,

In the UK, travel times to work had been stable for at least six centuries, with people avoiding situations that required them to spend more than half an hour travelling to work. Trains and cars initially allowed people to live at greater distances without taking longer to reach their destination. However, public infrastructure did not keep pace with urban sprawl, causing massive congestion problems which now make commuting times far higher.
這個主句後面也是順承吧,後面也出現了however ,為什麼就要讀這個的however 呢?
它的答案也是however 後面的啊 ,所以答案是Increases in travelling time

Lynn Yang

這是劍10test 2 p2
Easter Island, or Rapu Nui as it is known locally, is home to several hundred ancient human statues - the moai. After this remote Pacific island was settled by the Polynesians, it remained isolated for centuries. All the energy and resources that went into the moai - some of which are ten metres tall and weigh over 7,000 kilos - came from the island itself. Yet when Dutch explorers landed in 1722, they met a Stone Age culture. The moai were carved with stone tools, then transported for many kilometres, without the use of animals or wheels, to massive stone platforms. The identity of the moai builders was in doubt until well into the twentieth century. Thor Heyerdahl, the Norwegian ethnographer and adventurer, thought the statues had been created by pre-Inca peoples from Peru. Bestselling Swiss author Erich von Daniken believed they were built by stranded extraterrestrials. Modern science - linguistic, archaeological and genetic evidence - has definitively proved the moai builders were Polynesians, but not how they moved their creations. Local folklore maintains that the statues walked, while researchers have tended to assume the ancestors dragged the statues somehow, using ropes and logs.

i Evidence of innovative environment management practices

ii An undisputed answer to a question about the moai

iii The future of the moai statues

iv A theory which supports a local belief

v The future of Easter Island

vi Two opposing views about the Rapanui people

vii Destruction outside the inhabitants’ control

viii How the statues made a situation worse

ix Diminishing food resources

開頭都是說些歷史被誰佔了,後面出現三強but not how they moved their creation ... 不知道在說什麼,和前面的歷史不相關
我就拿兩個keyword 就是歷史 island 被佔 ,都找不到答案

原來答案是ii An undisputed answer to a question about the moai ,但我都看不出來問題是什麼 ,答案是什麼

然後我看全文,雖然我有划but now how they move 但原來對應是在前一句, Modern science - linguistic, archaeological and genetic evidence - has definitively proved the moai builders were Polynesians, has definitively proved the moai builders were Polynesians, 但這裡不是fast reading 的地方 。怎麼辦好呢

我記得Lynn你說過有兩個選項都很像的時候就多看幾句 ,那麼如果這種我找不到任何答案 ,是應該看全整篇文章嗎?,但這樣很浪費時間。還是要先做其他題目排除了大部分選項,但我又怕做其他題目的時候用了那個跳過的題目的正確選項 lynn你會提議哪個方法?

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