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  2021年4月16日, 星期五
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1. It is more important for school children to learn about their local history than the world history. Do you agree or disagree? Give your opinion and examples.

Body1:因为当地的历史往往包含一些和现在相似的特点,比如过去人去玩的地方现在人们也经常去,过去人吃的东西现在当地人也经常吃(不用举例子 容易很容易写错),如果学校学生学习当地的历史,通过这些历史可以发现这些和现在相似的特点,从而启发他们relate our current life to the past 》从而使得他们有可能获得一种文化归属感》就更容易和自己文化的人 互相合作 让国家变得更好

BODY1:Some contents from the local history are similar to the things happen every day in local people's lifes . By learning the local history ,some students might find these contens that they are fairly familiar with,thus, inspiring them to relate their current life to the past .After that,it is impossible for them to get a sense of belonging ,which can lead to the fact that social cohesive might be improved during this process,then contributing to the phenomenon that people might cooperate with people who have the same cultral backgound with them .This social economy might be better.


There are some other countries' history which are different with the local history,including the way of thinking and the characteristcs of some people's behaviors.If some students can gain the knowledge of history of the world ,they might be open-minded after realizing the differences between the details of different historis.While solving some problems in their daily routine,thay might consider it by using some experiences that they learned from different cultures all over the world ,which might help them to think in an objective way,then helping them to solve these problems in a fast way.

2. Some people believe that it is good for a country’s culture to import films and TV programmes, while others think it is better for a country to have their own films and TV programmes . Discuss both views and give your opinion.

BODY1: 因为外国的电影和电视节目往往含有和自己国家传统电影里所不同的的思想和行为,当政府进口这些外国电影和电视节目到本国,人们就可能从这些从这些电影和电视节目中学到外国的一些很好的文化,这部分文化就有可能和当地的文化融合,从而有助于当地的文化发展

Those who support the ideo of importing foreign films and TV programmes may have the following ideos .There are some thoughts and behavious from those movies and shows which are different with what people can see in their daily lifes,if government buy the addmission of playing these videos and play them to domestic people , and people might find and obsorb some excellent thoughts and behavious in these cultures which might be mixed with the local culture,,thus ,leading to the development of local cultrue.

Body 2: AC一个国家最好有自己的电影和电视节目
那些认为一个国家需要自己的节目和电影可能认为:因为自己的国家制作的电影和电视节目很多都包含了本国独特的习俗,很多这些这些习俗正在消失,而如果自己国家去拍摄和习俗相关的电影和电视节目,人们可能会花时间去看这些内容,从而可能激发他们内心保护这些习俗和相关文化的意识,从而有可能有利于保护自己国家的一些传统习俗得以延续---well done!!!

Those who support the ideo of possessing own movies and TV programs for a country may present follwing arguments.Some unique customs in a country may be recorded in some films or TV shows that made by local people(感觉有点怪),and these customs might be fading away. If a country keep making thses kinds of movies and Tv programs , people might spend their time to watch these contents ,which can cultivate people's awareness of paying attention and protecting these customs and relative cultures,thereby probablily helping the continuation of traditianl customs


As my own perspective, those contries which are lack of traditional movies and TV shows should make some movies and TV shows which are about traditional cusoms ,because of the attentions and participation from public are indispensable parts of protecting them,however ,some countries are opposed to the ideo of importing foriegn films and TV programs should change their altitudes,because of the fact that some excellent cultures in those movies and TV shows are worth of studing.

3. Many businesses think that the new employees who graduate from schools lack basic interpersonal skills, such as working with colleagues as a team. What is the cause of this problem and what are the solutions?

Body 1: 新毕业的学生缺乏基本交际能力的原因1

导致这个现象的原因之一是学生花了大量的时间在学业上而没有时间用在交际上---interacting with others,因为很多学校只把学生的学习成绩作为评判学生好坏的唯一标准,所以很多学生为了得到一个很好的成绩从而整天泡在图书馆或者实验室一个人,这就导致他们缺乏时间在与他人交流上,从而学生即使学习成绩很好也可能不知道怎么和他人合作完成一项工作。

There are a lot of schools treating the grades as the most important criterion of judging students ,which might lead to the fact that a large amount of students spend a lot of times on studing in library or laboratory alone in order to get through a exam with flying colors , but have to spend less time on interacting with their peers ,thus ,they may get a perfect scores in most of theirs compulsory coures but lacking of experiences of finishing some works with other people together.These students might dont have some interpersonal skills even after graduation.

Body 2: 因为教育部门没有开设相关的教学生如何和他人打交道的课程,就没有人指导学生如何系统去学习,他们就不会学到这些interpersonal skills。当他们顺利完成学业,但是因为他们不知道如何和他人沟通,即便他们到了工作场合中,还是不知道如何和其他团队的同事沟通,从而影响team work efficiency。

Besides ,edcational apartment dont offer some courses about how to interact with others in some countries ,lesding to nobody teaching students interpersonal skills and correcting some of their bad behaviors when cooperating with other people.After graduation ,because they dont know how to interact with other people in a decent way.Even if they successfully find a job ,they may cant work with their collgues in an effcient way.

在我看来,我认为学校首先应该要求在他们的专业课程上学生需要一起完成某些项目任务,从而能够帮助学生在和同学共同解决问题的过程自己体会(学会)出一些交际能力------学校提供一些机会让他们team work,他们就会时间在team work中完成任务,这样子,他们interpersonal skills in a team is improved,此外学校也需要开设一些交际这方面专业的课程,进行一些职场上的模拟,让学生提前了解到在职场上需要哪些重要的交际技巧

As my own perspective ,schools need to provide them some opportunities to do team works ,for example,setting some homeworks that need to be finidhed with their classmattes at class so that their interpersonal skills might be improved .Apart from that ,schools should also set some classes to teach them interpersonal skills .If thay can gain these knowledges ,their interpersonal skills might be improved.

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