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Keep IELTS Simple Silly
  Monday, 17 August 2020
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Emily Jin Fei Teng
It is suggested that youngsters should stay at school until the age of 18, I cannot entirely agree with this opinion because it fails to see the complete picture.

Admittedly, participating in full-time education at school has various benefits for teenagers. For one thing, it would strengthen their identity. Young people usually uncertain about their passions and interests, and they are still seeking for certain. Once they go to school, they could exposure to different fields of knowledge. In such a case, they may find which area is truly keen on learning. Besides this, school education also beneficial to society as a whole. As young people are experiencing the crucial stage of forming value system, if they enjoy mandatory education at school, they could be taught what is morally right and acceptable, preventing them from misleading by some unpleasant behaviors, this in turn would reduce their criminal tendencies in the future, contributing to foster a stable society.

However, we have to consider some exceptional cases. Those who equipped them with unique aptitude in arts and sports stay in school may restrict their potential success. There is few relevant experts neither in primary nor secondary school, and full-time education impede those talented young people to squeeze adequate time to take part in some art exhibition or sports competition. In contrast, if they leave school early, they could enjoy more professional training that given by associated experts and coach, and they could participate related activities, which is better for their career developments.

In conclusion, I believe that adolescents should stay at school before 18 years old since it brings many merits both for individuals and society. Those who have special talent could take part-time courses to master fundamental knowledge and correct moral value.
In some countries, people waste a lot of food which is bought in shops and restaurants. What do you think are the reasons? What can be done to solve this problem?

In some countries, customers throw a large amount of food that purchase from stores. This essay will discuss the factors contributing to this problem and the solution to tackle it.

The primary reason lead to food wasting is that customers' financial status is better than before, so they can buy more food. However, nearly all kinds of food have expire date; when people can not consume that food, it would be throw way if it passes expiration day. Meanwhile, in order to earn greater profit,many shops and restaurants advertise attractive promotion packages to push customers to buy their products. Therefore, most consumers cannot resist such tempting marketing strategies, resulting in buying more food rather than their real need and throwing them away.

To solve this issue, the government should impose regulations to supervise shops and restaurants, allowing them to make a reasonable promotion plan rather than push people to purchase their food blindly. Subsequently, customer who wastes excessive amount of food needs to get punishments. In this case, customers could save their money, and there is little impact on shops' profit earning. Besides this, the government could also hold some public interest events such as food donations every month, encouraging dwellers to donate surplus food to people living in poverty. This is a win-win situation rich people can avoid food-wasting, and poor people can get support from society, which helps them solve food scarcity.

As discussed above, the financial abundance of customers and the unreasonable promotion of shops are the main factors resulting in food-wasting. The solution relies on official rules imposed by authorities and food donation events.

这篇文章之前写过一次,这个做过一点修改 不知道有没有7
Nowadays, there are limited regulations on design buildings in some cities. I think it would bring more benefits than drawbacks.

The most obvious benefit of freestyle designing is cultivating people’s creativity. The designer needs to apply their imagination to create a building’s style, such as color,structure and layout. If those dwellers are offered adequate freedom to design the house and the office. In that case they are more likely to try out different ways to create various buildings in a city, which encourages them to think outside the box, contributing to cultivating their creative thinking.

What is more, reducing the regulation of building design is also beneficial to society as a whole. As those design policies are usually controlled by local governments. once the government allows locals to design the buildings that they live and work without any control, residents would feel understood and supported by their authorities. These empathy help them more relate to the governments so that they would get along with each other well. Consequently, resulting in fostering a cohesive society.

However, we have to consider the downside of this trend. Since there are many people not quipped expertise associated with building design, they may not create an appealing house or office, which negatively impacts the city’s beauty. This issue could be addressed by the government’s action, which can impose a general guideline that offers some sensible advice about design and allows residents to decide by themselves.

In conclusion, freestyle of building design generates advantages for individuals and society. Though the drawback do exists, it can be minimized.
In the present era, there is an increasing importance of fashion to young people. It is suggested that it would detrimental to them. I disagree with this view because it is not suitable for all situations.

Focusing on fashion excessively would impair the sense of belonging among youth and reduce their personal identity. Young people usually associate the concept of fashion with some particular objects and assume that they own some products that means fashion. For example, purchasing a lot of modem style cloth, bags and accessories, which makes them become materialism. In this case, they would judge a person according to the fashionable product that people have, so conflicts and misunderstanding may occur frequently among those youngster, resulting in negative impact on sense of belonging to their friends. What is more, if the fashionable products sustain their attention for a long periods of time, they may find it difficult for them to find out what products is their real needs and suitable to them. Consequently, reduce their self-awareness of identity.

However, we have to consider some exceptional cases. Fashion is beneficial to people who are working or studying in the art field since those sectors are intertwined. If the art-related profession exposure to various fashionable information, they would be encouraged to think out side box, then link these information with their jobs so that them could generate more innovative ideas, contributing to cultivate their creativity.

In conclusion, young people concentrate on fashion would impair the intimacy and connection with their friends, but it is necessary for the art-related profession to interact with fashion because it can help work more efficient.

这篇感觉写的不太好,很多表达都是不确定的,上次找idp批改作文,comments说 词汇只能给6 因为用法不准确,考官把好多高级词汇都换成一些很基础词汇o.o
Nowadays, there are conflicting views regarding which factor can contribute to Successful education. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and followed by my perspective.

Those who think that successful education should depend on a good teacher may put forth following views. The professional teacher is usually equipped with plenty of expertise and rich teaching experience, which offers them insight into the best way to educate their students. And these experience helps them to create a reasonable studying plan that is suitable for all student. In such a case, every student could learn knowledge effectively, and the desire result would be achieved. Moreover, those educational professions have exposure to more ups and downs and provide them aware of what is morally right and acceptable. If they can convey those experience to their students, it would help students understand the correct moral value, preventing them from misleading by some unpleasant behaviors. Then it would contribute to succeed of education.

Nevertheless, some people believe that students' attitude is the deciding factors of decent education can also justify their opinion. The positive studying attitude usually involves motivation and enthusiasm, making students feel motivated at learning and giving them faith to preserve when they face difficult situations. Besides, for those who have a positive study attitude always possess strong self-discipline. As a result, when they study by themselves, they would concentrate on studying processes and hold them accountable for their outcome. Consequently, improve the study efficiency and achieve decent results.

As discussed above, a good teacher has professional knowledge and correct moral value, whereas a positive attitude could motivate students to learn knowledge more efficiently. Thus both of two factors are crucial to impact on successful education will be achieved or not.
1 year ago
Some people think that it's good for a country's cultures to show imported foreign film and TV programs.Other people think that country should develop their own film and TV programs instead.Discuss both sides and give your own opinion。

Nowadays, there are conflicting views on whether we should introduce foreign media productions pr focus on our film and TV programs. This essay will discuss both sides of the view, followed by my own opinion.

Those people who believe that foreign movies and programs can bring benefits may present the following ideas. Since every culture has its own shortages, focusing their own would restrict our mindsets by its stereotypical beliefs. So importing foreign programs will allow people to explore new ideas and see different opinions towards one topic, cultivating their critical thinking skills. Meanwhile, those various thoughts and behaviors with different cultural backgrounds might inspire people, which helps them associate different things together from an original perspective, increasing their creativity and generating better films and television works.

However, those people who think domestic productions are more important can also justify their opinions. If people put effort into developing our own films and TV shows, it would help citizens gain an in-depth understanding of our cultural characteristics, enhance their cultural identity, and increase their sense of belonging to their country. In that case, we would be willing to cooperate with other society members to contribute to the country's future, thus leading to a more cohesive community.

In my opinion, both imported foreign media programs and domestic ones are important as they can bring complementary benefits to a country's cultures. Therefore, every country should not only display their own cultural TV programs and films, but also those from other nations.
Some people think it is good for a country’s cultures to show imported film and TV programs. Other people think that country should develop their own film and tv programs instead. Discuss both sides and give your opinions.

Opinions are divided on whether it is beneficial for a country’s culture to play foreign film and TV programs or to produce domestic productions. I believe that both should be promoted because they have different advantages.

People who believe that showing foreign films and TV programs is advantageous to a nation’s culture may put forth the following argument. There is no doubt that these productions usually contain the unique tradition, language and history of the country who produce them. For example, the famous TV drama ‘Downtown Abbey’ presents the British culture such as afternoon tea routine and the work of a English butler. Through watching foreign film and TV productions, audience will learn the distinct cultural characteristics of that country, which may feel motivated to practice them in reality. This leads to more foreign languages, food, traditions and other related practice being accepted by the local, thus bringing benefits to a country’s cultural diversity.

Nevertheless, those who think that a country should develop domestic films and TV programs can also justify their opinions. Since these works serve a purpose to deliver a country’s culture, mentioned above, domestic film and TV industries can create shows to spread their own culture. In China, for instance , there are many places such as Hong Kong and Tibet famous for their local traditions, language and history. If more movies and TV programs featured these local cultures, domestic audience would be inspired to relate their life to them, and developing their sense of belonging to the roots. Furthermore, people who are proud of their own culture would be encouraged to learn more about national customs and to participate in traditional events, thus enhancing their cultural identity.

In my opinion, the importation of foreign film and TV programs and the domestic productions should be encouraged at the same time, because they can bring unique cultural benefits to a country.

Lynn Yang Chenquan hello, 我也觉得这个话题不好写,求吐槽
Some people think that it's good for a country's cultures to show imported foreign film and TV programs.Other people think that country should develop their own film and TV programs instead.Discuss both sides and give your own opinion。

Nowadays, there is a conflicting view of whether introducing foreign movies and TV programs is beneficial to a country’s culture. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and followed by my own perspective.

Those who advocate importing foreign movies and TV programs may put forth the following statement. Watching the overseas film could compensate the weakness of their own culture. As those entertainment programs usually present their countries' culture in many aspects, such as language, historical attraction, and conventions. Every culture has stereotypical views and shortcomings, if people only connect with their own culture, it would restrict their outlook and potential to succeed. In contrast, if they are exposed to world culture, they could get more innovative ideas and learn new ways to approach tasks, making their own culture better.

However, the opponent way of thinking has their own opinion can also easily justify. For one thing, developing domestic entertainment programs can strengthen the sense of belonging to the nation. Local movies and TV programs represent a country's culture, exposure to those recreation help people in-depth understanding the thoughts and behaviours of their culture, and inspire them to relate their lives to the nation as a whole, contributing to improve their cultural identity. Moreover, movie-making would generate more associated job vacancies such as movie directors, actors and equipment manufacture, this in turn, will drive economic growth.

In conclusion, both imported foreign entertainment and the development of domestic movies and TV programs could bring benefits to the country. Foreign works compensate the disadvantages of local culture, whereas domestic programs help improve the cultural identity and economy. Thus every country should support both programs.

B1 跟逻辑链有点不一样,逻辑链是 foreign culture—-learn new way apporach task—-thnik out side box—-creativtiy, 但是题目是问引起外国影视作品对文化好处。 有人帮我看看想想不。
1 year ago
10/15 大作文: many scientists believe that intelligent life forms may exist on other planet and want to send messages into space to contact these life forms. Other think this is a bad idea because these life could be dangerous. Both views

Nowadays, there has been an argument among scientists whether we should try to contact the intelligent life forms that might live on other planets. In this essay, both sides of the view will be discussed, followed by my own opinion.

These people who believe that sending a message to the out space life forms is reasonable may present the following ideas. It might be true that life forms lived on other planets are more intelligent than human beings. If we send signals to space and get in touch with them, we would explore more knowledge in different aspects. In that case, it is likely for us to acquire high-tech skills. When scientists adopt these technologies into humans' daily lives, it might help us solve many real-life problems such as purifying water or even extending our life expectancy, thus increasing our quality of life.

However, those people who think such a suggestion is not smart can also justify their opinions. If these life forms are smart enough, they might have discovered the earth and known everything about humans. Under this situation, not sending messages will be a better choice because they may regard such a message as disturbing, which may lead them to protect themselves. By then, the human being may suffer from many unknown dangerous things, threatening our lives.

In my opinion, it is not wise to sending a message to life forms in outer space. The reason is that although they might be smarter than human and lives in a more advanced planet, we can not fully confirm that the result that will bring us is only benefit without any negative impacts. Thus it would be more suitable for humans to send a message when we become more knowledgeable about the space.
10/15 大作文: many scientists believe that intelligent life forms may exist on other planet and want to send messages into space to contact these life forms. Other think this is a bad idea because these life could be dangerous. Both views

In the present era, there is a conflicting view regard whether humans should try to contact the intelligent life from outer space. This essay will discuss both sides of the argument and followed my own perspectives.

On the one hand, those who advocate to contact Aline because we could derive benefit from learning new intelligent life forms. As every culture and civilization has stereotypical views and shortcomings, which may restrict their outlook and potential success. By contrast, if human could exposure to outer cililizations, we could learn innovative ways to approach the tasks. When they face a problem, they can consider it from different angles, contributing to efficient problem-solving skills and developing technologies. This can be applied in various fields to address many issues that still bother humans, such as environmental protection and cancer treatment. Consequently, this would derive economic growth and improve people’s quality of life.

On the other hand, other scientists think building a connection with an intelligent life form is not a sensible idea can also justify their opinion. There is no doubt that people have very limited understanding of other existing life forms now. Thus, they cannot ensure the safety of establishing connections with the existing lives of outer planets. If those intelligent life equipped with better technology and find the resources and living environment of Earth are better than their own, they would invade our planet and trigger a war, which imposes many threats to our lives.

Taking into the consideration above said, I think humans should not try to contact intelligent Aline life forms now, since we are uncertain about those outer civilizations, such as their language or behaviors. Therefore, we need more time to explore those life forms to ensure we could communicate with them effectively and get along with them securely.
1 year ago
Nowadays, it is believed that living in a foreign language speaking country will lead to many problems. I disagree with this view because not everyone will struggle with these problems.

For most people, it is undeniable that people may feel stressed and anxious when they need to communicate with others in a foreign language. In this case, many misunderstandings would frequently occur in different life situations, which is uneasy for people to solve practical issues such as seeing a doctor or claiming their insurances. Although they can ask a translator for help, they would probably feel they are not capable people who always need to rely on others, lowering their sense of self-esteem. Therefore, people will live with unhealthy mental status, and it will be hard for them to experience good emotional well-being.

However, we need to consider some other special cases, such as those with optimistic characteristics. When they live in a country where they had to speak a foreign language, they will learn the language as much as possible. Such a positive attitude and mindset will allow them to communicate with locals and regard embarrassment as the norms, helping them make friends with the local people. As a result, they will not be restricted by their own cultures and analyze problems with experience from different cultures and countries and then find the most effective way to tackle them.
As discussed above, everyone's situation is different. People who feel positive towards a new living environment may benefit from it while others will face various aspects. Therefore, this argument is not suitable for all people.
Living in a country where have to speak a foreign language can cause serious problem as well as practical problem. Agree or disagree?

It is suggested that living in a nation where people have to speak a foreign language may lead to many problems in different aspects, I disagree with this statement because it fails to see the complete picture.

Admittedly, living in a foreign language-speaking country may cause people to undermine their cultural identity, and some troubles interfere with their lives. As an integral part of the culture, language plays an indispensable role in it. Suppose people constantly communicate with other by speaking a foreign language. In that case, they are less likely to use their own languages, resulting in them being gradually unfamiliar with their mother language, making them feel disconnected from their own culture. Consequently, impairing the sense of belonging to their own countries and awareness of cultural identity. Moreover, those who are not proficient in a foreign language, they may find it difficult for them to interact with local people effectively, in this case, misunderstanding and conflicts would occur frequently, this in turn will cause many negative impacts on productivity regardless of studying and working.

However, some people are good at learning a new language would derive varying benefits from living in foreign nations. For those who speak fluent foreign language, they are able to communicate well with locals from different cultural and economic backgrounds. If they can regard this distinction as the norm, they would respect and accept them, then they could consider a problem in shoes of others, which is a vital social skill. Meanwhile, the empathy helps them get along with others well, allowing them to make more friends and offering them opportunities to learn innovative ideas to approach the tasks in their lives, contributing to efficient problem skills. This can be applied in many areas of life.

As discussed above, living in a foreign language speaking country could both bring benefits and drawback, it depends on the language studying ability of people. If they equip with strong learning ability, they could master many practical skills. Whereas, if those are poor language studying ability, it will cause many severe problems to them.
1 year ago
Nowadays, there are conflicting arguments based on whether successful education relies on a good teacher or student's attitude. In this essay, both sides of the view will be discussed, followed by my own opinion.

Those people who agree that having a good teacher is more important may present the following arguments. It is commonly known that a good teacher has not only professional teaching skills but also the right moral values. With various teaching methods, it will be more likely for students to acquire knowledge effectively, which can help them have a better learning outcome, thus increasing their academic results. Meanwhile, since a good teacher can set a good example to students with positive moral values, students will learn from the teacher and pick up what is right and what is wrong, helping them become good social well-being and make education succeed.
However, those who think student attitude also do matter can also justify their opinions. Students who have good attitudes towards study will show good self-discipline. If they study alone without a teacher's supervisor, they will also set goals by themselves, have good routines, and finish homework, helping them learn more effectively. Such learning habits can facilitate them to achieve better scores at school. Besides, when students have a good attitude, it is unlikely for them to be affected by peers who have bad learning behaviors. They would not conduct some improper behaviors such as cheating.
As discussed above, teachers can turn the learning process into much more effective and show them positives of moral value, while it is the student's attitude that ensures they would not be affected by others. Therefore I think education success depends on both a good teacher and students' attitudes because they can bring complementary benefits to students.
1 year ago
Nowadays, using mobile applications to process payment has been widely used among customers. I think it will bring more benefits rather than drawbacks.

The primary reason is that it can help protect the environment. Using mobile applications means that people do not need to bring credit cards which are made from plastics. Once they become expired, they will turn into non-disposable rubbish, which will release many pollutants during dealing with the. If more and more customers prefer to use mobile applications to purchase, the supplement of non-disposable materials used to produce credit cards would be decreased, generating fewer pollutants into the air, then improving air quality.

Another thing is that such a payment method can lower the risk of getting sick. It is commonly known that conventional payments such as cash or credit cards have the potential to have germs attached to the surface. If one person has flue, others whoever touches its cards or cash may have the chance to get sick. By contrast, there is no interaction when customers use mobile applications to pay, helping people stay away from infectious diseases.

Nevertheless, someone may argue that it is unsafe for individuals to use such a payment method since once the phone is stolen, customers may suffer from financial risks. However, it can be solved by increasing the payment safety security such as unlock these applications with a password or facial ID to verify the payment process.

As discussed above, the popularity of using mobile application payment has more advantages as it is beneficial to the environment as well as people's health. Although there are some drawbacks, these negative sides can be solved.
1 year ago
2020/10/10 中国大陆作文
Today, more and more people use robots to do tasks at home and at work. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Nowadays, robots have been used more and more often at people's home and their workplaces. I think it is definitely a positive trend.

The primary reason is that using robots to do household can bring benefits to individuals. In the old ties, people had to do all the tasks by themselves, like washing dishes, washing clothes, and cooking, which made them left no time to communicate with their family members, leading to a weak family bond. By contrast, if a robot can replace the role humans play in doing household, people will have a lot more spare time. When they spend time with their families, even simple face-to-face communication, it would be easier for them to understand each other better, have a close connection with them, and increase their family's sense of belonging.

In addition, widely usage of robots will lead to positive results in society. It is commonly known that a robot with sufficient electricity can conduct tasks 24 hours a day. If more robots are used in a company, people would have time to deal with other complex tasks. In that situation, people's working efficiency would be increased, and a lot more jobs can be done simultaneously, generating more profits for the company. Therefore, economic growth will be increased.

As discussed above, it is a positive trend to have more robots used at home and work because it will allow people to have a stronger relationship with their families and bring economic benefits to the society with more productive companies.
2020/10/10 中国大陆作文
Today, more and more people use robots to do tasks at home and at work. Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Nowadays, an increasing number of people apply robots to do some household work or working tasks. I think it is a good thing.

Using robots to finish some works is beneficial to peoples’ emotional well-being. It is quite common for us to see there is numerous people have hectic life that cause many work life pressure to them. They have a lot of responsibility to their shoulder regardless of working task or household. Thus, they may find it difficult for them to squeeze adequate spare time to interact with friends and relatives. If the robots can help human do some jobs, they would acquire more free time to spend with family members and friends. Contributing to a stronger sense of connection and intimacy among others.

Furthermore, automatic working could promote better working efficiency and safety. Robots are able to finish many repeatable duties faster and more accurately than human, such as manufacture and industry, which save lots of time that cost on producing and subsequently boosting productivity. Besides, some dangerous job may impose some threat to human lives, for example, exploring deep ocean and outer space. Robotic application will eradicate those dangers that is taken by human.

However, we have to consider the downside of using robots. Some people are concerned that machines could replace more job vacancies and lose their jobs, resulting in those who cannot get a job to earn money. But such impact can be controlled, there many creative tasks that can only be taken by human, and the increasing demand in developing and selling robots would generate extra jobs which could compensate the unemployment in other sectors.

As discussed above, robots application brings several benefits to people, it helps build more cohesive and intimate relationships and strengthen working efficiency and security.
Many people believe that today there is a general increase in anti-social behavior and lack of respect for others. What might have caused this situation? What is solution?

Nowadays, many people think there is increasing misbehaviour in every society and inadequate respect among individuals. This essay will discuss the factors contributing to this issue and the solution to tackle with it.

The most essential reason that leads to this unwanted phenomenon is insufficient education. Education expenditure is more expensive than before, resulting in many people who live in poverty cannot afford the educational cost. Thus, they may find it difficult for them to enjoy education and find a decent job to earn money to support their lives. Consequently, consider seeking some illegal means to make money and be convicted as anti-social offenders. Moreover, unemployment is more likely to cause a huge difference in society's financial status as a whole. In such a case , they may not regard this distinction as norm and conflicts would occur frequently, then contributing to impair the respect between different people.

To address this problem, the government should take some action. For one thing, the authority could allocate funding to support education, allowing lower-income groups to enjoy knowledge, which would help them land a promising job, earn money, and reduce their criminal tendency. Meanwhile, the government could also hold some public interest events that encourage people from different economic backgrounds to participate. such as sports campaigns and music performances. Those interactive activities provide varying opportunities to participants to meet people from different economic status, promoting them to deep understanding with each other, cultivate their empathy, and strengthen respect in society.

As discussed and analyzed above, the anti-social behaviours and lack of respect mainly caused by insufficient education, this problem can be addressed by funding education and holding interactive activities from the government.
In the present era, the payment of mobile applications has become more popular apparently, I believe the “e-payment” would bring more benefits than drawbacks.

For one thing, paying via mobile apps offer customer more convenience. Mobile application could store all financial information in the cell phone, and those portable devices could put in the pocket, which is very easy for people to carry on. In such a case, people are not necessary to carry a pile of cash or credit card. They could pay their bill by using those digital apps, such as “Apple Pay” and “Android pay,” contributing to more convenient shopping experience.

For another, mobile payment is also beneficial to environment and social stability. The traditional payment is base on cash that is made of paper. Producing those money need to consume significant amount of plants, which is very environmentally harmful mean. In contrast, mobile apps are a paper-free transaction process, allowing people to save many papers and facilitate environmental protection. Moreover, there are much crime relate to cash robbery, if more people use their cell phone to purchase, it would reduce the criminal tendencies of this kind and this in turn would make the society more stable.

Nevertheless, we have to consider the downside of mobile payment. Some people may be concerned about storing their financial information in an electronic device is not safe, because many thchnological crimes could steal mobile users' personal information. If they lose their cell phones by some inattentive behaviors, it would result in leaking information. Thus it imposes some threat to their asset. However, many “e-payment” are equipped with security check system, such as fingerprint unlock and face identification, which ensures the financial information is secure.

Taking into the consideration above said, although there are negligible disadvantages mobile apps may cause, it can be addressed by varying safety check systems. Those payment method are beneficial both to individuals and society.
Chenquan 可以开始 隔天写文章了哈?
@Jenny# 你看这个 Kathy 写的逻辑 和文章

Some people believe that sport has an important role in society. Others, however, feel that it is nothing more than a leisure activity for some people. discuss both views and give your opinion

B1 一些人认为运动对社会很重要,是因为运动可以促进社会经济的发展。
这样就会带动很多领域的需求,例如 他们会飞到别的城市去参观比赛,需要购买机票,会带动航空领域的需求,

B2 然而,有很多人,参与体育活动的目的,只是为了休闲娱乐,所以,他们会认为这只是一个leisure activity.
例如下班后他们去游泳,打球,并不是为了成为世界冠军,而是为了缓解工作中的压力, 以及放松自己的身体。

结尾 我的观点:运动对于社会有很大的影响
有的人认为是一个leisure activity,只是因为,他们从个人的角度出发,看待这个问题,没有看到长远的对社会的影响,但这并不意味着,sports 本来就没有对于社会的impacts,实际上,运动创造了很多需求,带动了社会经济的发展,对社会至关重要。

People hold conflicting views as to whether sports play an important role in society or not. In my opinion, sport certainly brings benefits to society, not only is a leisure activity.

Some think that sports are valuable for society because this will encourage the development of the social economy. Sports events usually have a strong attraction for sports lovers to watch; meanwhile, they purchase a variety of souvenirs as well. In this case, it will result in a significant increase in demanding from many fields, for example, flying to other cities to watch live games would create the needs of the aeroplane business. Also, some people collect things that represent their loving teams like logoed clothes and shoes, which will elicit the retrial industry’s needs. All the things are helpful to economic improvement. Therefore sport does value much to society.

Nevertheless, for some people, the primary aim of taking part in sports is just for having fun and relax. They consider it as a leisure activity. One clear example is that people go swimming or play balls after work, not for becoming the champion, but to release the stress from work and relax their physical bodies. However, they have not ever deeply thought the impact on society: when they feel emotional and physical comfort, it will contribute to efficient work and more productivity, thus prompting the countries’ economy. Besides, they do not have a profound vision of the influence on culture exchanges through sports games either.

Therefore, I take the view that sport has a significant influence on society. Some people regard it as a leisure event just because they think of it from a personal perspective, not from the long-term effect on society. But it does not mean that sports have not social impacts. As a matter of fact, sports do as an essential function in society.
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