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  Saturday, 05 September 2020
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I want to ask for everyone's suggestion about whether you want to watch the 7 days free cousre today or not

1. the course was set up 2 weeks ago - please check the screenshot

2. we have been waiting for the launch because I need to write course descriptions (all done ? ). there are also some success stories to be added on the new website , now they have not been put up on the website, but I put all of them on the course introduction page, so it will not affect your study.

We can make all important components available today, so they should be enough for you to study

- 7 days free cousre
- paid self study course
- 1-on-1 gaurantee course

3. To help most students, I would suggest launch the 7 days free course NOW-ASAP. (You can spend the weekend on studying )
Since I know, you have been waiting for a long time, and a lot of students test are coming soon
Within 2 hours, you can have a basic understanding about writing and get access to 140 real topics answers, and ABC logic and phrases

Ulysses waiting for their response

linda chen Harry
Do you want to watch the 7 days free course today ?
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1 year ago
突然发现Lynn的YouTube视频都加了节点,标了内容提要。简直太贴心了:D ,一下子找内容学习方法变得好轻松哈哈。谢谢Lynn。
我们没有办法如期 开始7天免费课程

大家可以先 收看这个文章里面的免费课


开始 会进行7天的直播课,每天2小时,一直给大家讲解完哈
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